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Coaches badges must be worn to gain access to Gym.
Food or coolers are strictly prohibited on the courts, ONLY water can be brought on the gym floor.

  • Two day tournaments do not sell weekend passes
  • Daily adult price is $10 a day
  • Daily tickets are valid for all gymnasiums for that day only
  • The child price is $5.00/Day (Children 5 and under are free)
  • All coaches must have current ACA cards. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Effective immediately, ACA Cards are valid for participating teams only.

ACA Cards are Mandatory for all coaches. Coaching will NOT be allowed unless ACA Cards are worn around the neck during games. There will be NO exceptions to this rule. Please do NOT enter your team unless you have a coach who has been cleared through ACA. ACA membership must be submitted at least 6 days before scheduled tournament. ACA membership link is provided below:


The mandated coaching attire presents a professional appearance. Please refrain from coaching in basketball shorts, jeans, open toe shoes, tank tops, hats, sweat pants etc... Mandated by USSSA, we would appreciate the following coaching attire:

  • Collared Shirts
  • Khaki Slacks/Khaki Style Shorts

 Check-in times will be 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m., SAT only.


Mobile Check-In: If you have no changes to your roster and EVERY player has been approved with a 2018 USSSA Stamp you will receive credit for check-in after you send a photo of your entire roster via email to Mike Foss State Director at Rosters received after the deadline will NOT be accepted. You will receive a confirmation “ROSTER RECEIVED.” If you don’t receive a confirmation your roster wasn’t received. Please re-submit. Rosters must be clearly visible.


Personal Check-in: Players who have not been cleared with 2018 USSSA Stamp MUST be physically present for check-in. Please refer to the website for detailed instructions for check-in. Failure to check in will result in forfeiture of all games. All required documents are mandatory for eligibility. The welcome letter will provide you with all the information.

If you need assistance please call Kenneth Hughes at 863-640-4784.***


The book MUST have the following items:

  1. Official USSSA team roster must be PRINTED from the USSSA website.
  2. Hand written rosters will not be accepted.
  3. Birth certificate of each player.
  4. Current picture of each player.
  5. Current school year report card.
  6. Copy of Florida & National Rules. Copies are downloadable at

NOTE: All teams MUST be registered with USSSA ($25.00 per team).

  • Register @ USSSA Basketball
  • Click 5 on 5 Basketball > Click Register Here/Create ID > Complete Required Information and Click Submit.
  • DO NOT forget your Team Managers ID and password.
  • Don’t select girls’ if your team is a boys’ team. (Happens all the time)
  • Register as a Division II Team. High School teams consisting of players from the same High School register as a Division III team.
  • You must add ALL players to your official team roster. Players not listed on your official roster will NOT be covered for insurance purposes and will NOT be allowed to participate.

Contact Us:

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Call Fire Youth Sports BASKETBALL (863) 581-3440
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